Stages of MSC Formation

1. Collegiate
High school graduates who are accepted to join the congregation begin their initial formation at the MSC Formation Center in Cebu City. Formands are allowed to take college course of their choice in the best universities in Cebu. Collegiate usually lasts five years.

2. Postulancy
College graduates and young professionals who are accepted to join the congregation have to follow a one-year program of postulancy. It is probation period for the candidate to live with the MSC. The Postulancy House is in Valenzuela.

3. Novitiate
In the Novitiate, the candidate is formed to get an insight into what it means for him to be an MSC. He experiences community, academic and spiritual life and is also involved in pastoral programs. At the end of the two-year Noviate program, the candidate professes the Religious Vows temporarily. The MSC Novitiate is located in Malolos, Bulacan.

4. Theologate
As an immediate preparation for his priestly or brotherhood ministries, the candidate studies Theology for at least five years. There is also a year dedicated to pastoral exposure in parishes and other areas of MSC apostolate in the Philippines. The MSC Theologate is in Quezon City, Manila.

5. On-going Formation
Throughout his entire life, an MSC continues carefully his own religious, spiritual and pastoral formation, and his local superiors will provide him the resources and time to do this.

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